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What exactly IS mesh integration? (Stylist/Client)

Mesh Integration is an excellent hair replacement solution for those with thinning hair or patchy hair loss, and most prefer it to wearing a full coverage piece or wig. Because it's less heavy on the hair, less bulky and more realistic than wearing wigs. Mesh Integration can only be described as a state-of-the-art hair Enhancement System that adds any amount of fullness, length and body to your client’s natural hair, even if they have thinning hair without damaging their already fragile hair. They are Featherlight, secure and completely undetectable. With mesh integration, you will not have to cut or inhibit the growth of your client's natural hair in any way. Once you understand how the system works, mesh integrations are easy to install for your clients. They are very secure and versatile. Best of all, they can withstand a busy active lifestyle and are completely undetectable. Mesh Integration is a non-surgical procedure, which involves blending your client’s natural hair with real human hair that is attached to a custom-made unit. This unit which is made of ultra-fine soft mesh and shaped to fit your client's unique head shape is clearly and discreetly secured to the hair using microbeads. Mesh Integration has become a popular choice for many because of the results; a full head of hair which is immediate. The main advantage of mesh integration system over a full head system or a wig is the fact that mesh integration can be blended with the clients own hair, in just about any direction, to be able to give your clients just the style they want;

beautiful, natural and realistic hair every day.

Mesh Integration systems may be used to solve a variety of women's hair loss issues,

including being used to supplement hair in just the crown area, adding volume to the top of

the head whilst maximizing the use of your clients existing hair. It is a particularly good

solution for women suffering from diffuse androgenic alopecia. They may also be a perfect

solution for women with severe anterior mid scalp hair loss.

Mesh Integration can also be adapted to any part of your client’s head that needs volume.

So, for your clients with alopecia on other parts of the head, not just at the crown area, mesh

integration can be used to cover these patches for a seamless finish.

With mesh integration, you can help enhance the appearance of your client’s hair, prevent

the need to remove or cut your clients natural hair and help your clients to regain a full head of hair without surgery. Author/Creator/Source: Sandra Atoge @ihobbshairextensionsandacademy

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