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It’s super important to me to make a personal connection with my clients... while any stylist can ask all the “usual” questions at a consult, and certainly make small talk during your appointment, one thing that sets me apart is my genuine desire to get to know you. In doing so, I’m able to identify quickly any tips and tricks I feel would be beneficial for you. For instance, if while talking during your appointment you mention an upcoming trip, I can make suggestions for caring for your hair based on the location, anticipated weather and your planned activities. Protecting the investment you‘re making in your hair and ensuring its longevity is always a top priority if you‘re a client of mine. But my interest doesn’t stop there, I also want to know about your day-to-day life, your kids/family, your goals and aspirations... We will be spending a lot of time together so, you can plan on a blossoming relationship that will go beyond “just hair.”

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