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Types of Toppers

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

As I'm sure you've figured out already, there are many different types of hair toppers and, they're not all created equal. I tend to use either Mono or Silk Toppers for my clients. Soooo, let's talk about it!

Mono Toppers...

The Mono Base is made with a ultra fine mesh material where Individual hairs are hand-tied, giving the illusion of hair growth from the scalp. The weave of mono base material is tighter that lace. With this base type, the hair topper can have a higher hair density than the regular lace base hair topper.


Comfort: The Monofilament Base, very soft and comfortable to wear, will not irritate your head, so it can be a great choice for ladies with a sensitive scalp because of chemotherapy treatments or other skin issues.

Realistic Looking: Since the hair comes out of the base vertically - the same direction that natural hair grows, the mono base can mimic the look of natural hair growth and provides hair parting for the greatest versatility in styling.


Breathability: The Mono Base is smooth and comfortable, but it is not as breathable as the Lace Base, because the weave of mono base material is tighter that lace.

Silk Toppers...

The Silk Base is constructed with a layer of lace and pure silk fabric on the top of the cap. The knots of the hairs are hand-sewn under the silk base, so the knots are concealed between the layers. This technique of injecting the hairs through the silk to conceal them, provides the illusion that the hair is coming from your own scalp when you wear it, making the knots 100% invisible. 

So far, the Silk Base is considered to provide the most realistic scalp the market has to offer. You don't need to bleach the knots or use any concealer to mask the knots at the parting like a lace base may need. The Silk Base looks completely natural and realistic. 


Realistic Looking: Silk Base toppers can give you the appearance of having a scalp that looks like your own. A Silk Base is the most realistic topper base on the market today. With a Silk Base, you don't need to hide or camouflage the knots when you part your topper!

Styling Versatility: The Silk Base offers versatile styling options as you can part your silk topper any direction.


Difficulty Laying Flat: Due to the multiple layers in a Silk Base topper, Silk Base hair toppers are not as easy to lay flat on the head. Silk Bases may also encounter slight bulkiness on the crown. Due to this, Silk Bases usually take a little extra work to lay flat compared to other bases.

Breathability: Due to its unique layered construction, the Silk Base can lack breathability compared to lace and mono bases. Silk Bases may also be slightly warmer to wear during the summer than the other two bases.

It's important to note, since I have "lace" mentioned here a few times, that I don't typically work with lace closures too much anymore. I do tend to either incorporate silk or mono into most non surgical hair solutions for my clients.

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