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The long-standing stigma around hairpieces and non-surgical hair replacement is finallllllly becoming a thing of the past. With more and more women (almost HALF of ALL women!) experiencing mild to significant hair loss, and the many advancements in alternative hair, women are finally becoming more comfortable looking into their options. But, WHAT ARE their options? Each women's hair story and hair journey is different. So, subsequently for each woman, their roadmap towards a solution potentially looks different. Sure, there are parallels in the solutions available but, WHERE DO YOU EVEN START?

Here. You start here.

I've worked many days and nights outside of my time behind the chair to put this "flow chart" together. While it's not meant to make any final decisions for you, I hope you will utilize it as a tool for where to begin. Once you've found the direction that speaks to your needs and desired outcome, ALWAYS reach out to a Licensed Cosmo in your area whom specializes in Non-Surgical Hair Replacment. They're out there! To help you with that, I even have a good handful of qualified professionals listed on my Sister Stylist page, right here on my site.

Of course, there's always the option of checking out available toppers (or wigs) at your local wig shop. But especially in the case of something more permanent or any scenario where you may need a color service or your bio/alternative hair trimmed or shaped - always see a Licensed Professional. 😉

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