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So you wanna know what you can expect…

My most commonly asked question about mesh integration is "What is the process, what can I expect?"

Well here ya go.... (in a nutshell)

My mesh integration systems are $1500 and includes ALL the hair and materials as well as the four hour service appt. The first appt is the BIG appt. This is where I custom fit the mesh and expertly integrate and secure your bio hair through the mesh foundation. Every step is customized to you!

I work with only three manufacturers to bring u the very best quality human hair at the most affordable price. The system will require a closure/topper and usually up to 100g weft hair. Your BIO hair will NOT be compromised.

I take pics at the initial appt and the reset appts to track your progress. I’m a fully transparent stylist. This means, if I see anything unusual or excessive with your scalp health and/or your bio hair - I will tell u.

(I’d rather NOT have u as a client, than take your money for something that’s not working)

Daily Care is actually pretty easy, esp if you’re used to hair extensions. Typical rules are: don’t go to bed with wet hair, secure hair while sleeping, professional products only, and no heat above 380*

Most clients come back at 4-5 weeks for their refit. This is where I remove the entire system, do a deep cleanse of your bio hair, a scalp treatment, and then return u to my Styling chair to dry your bio hair and reapply the system. The refit appt is approx 90 min long and is $250.

Having a mesh integration system is much like having a fully customized for you, human hair wig. But UNLIKE a wig, you cannot remove it. It’s always on and truly becomes a part of you!

The hair itself will last up to:

One year for the closure/topper

Two years for the weft hair

(When properly cared for)

Whilst it’s a big investment, the payoff is worth it. This is a service like no other and will give you that “whole self” feeling again.

Other things to note:

Should you need any color services, those start at $75.

Your bio hair WILL continue to grow and the system is fully breathable. If you get to a point where there’s so much growth that u don’t need the system, I’ll tell u and we can begin the process of transitioning u back to regular extensions and/or perhaps just an integrated topper.

*service prices subject to change at any time without notice

*consultation is REQUIRED before booking a mesh integration appt

*mesh integration is not a one size fits all and is not for everyone, I reserve the right to refuse service with or without cause

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