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Mesh Integration IYKYK

So, it seems mesh integration is really starting to take off. This doesn't surprise me at all. In fact, it was almost three years ago that I started looking into it. At the time, I was already offering multiple hair extension application methods, including applying tape-in hair toppers.  


As I worked more and more with the tape-in hair toppers, I became increasingly frustrated with their shortcomings. There were few contact points, which was both good and bad, in my opinion. But perhaps the biggest downfall with the tape-in toppers, was that they started shifting very quickly. I had some clients that would notice movement, and their topper loosening, after just one week. Additionally, the residue left behind after removal, was at times, a struggle to fully remove without compromising the client's hair. And, keeping the integrity of my clients hair is at the core of every service I offer.


I knew then, that I had to find a better solution for my clients who were experiencing (mild to significant) thinning at their crown. I began doing intense, thorough research into all sorts of hair pieces but, specifically, the different types of hair toppers and what may be involved in the application and maintenance for daily wearers.


It was through my investigating, that I kept seeing mesh integration pop up as a solution for those with significant hair loss. Interestingly, every source I found on the topic originated in the UK. In fact, mesh integration was already well known and an extensively practiced service abroad. I immediately wanted to learn more.


As luck would have it, I found an amazing website, with videos and in-depth information… it was everything I was looking for, to get me started. The owner behind it, was none other than Sandra Atoge, an accomplished, published, and nationally recognized Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Expert. At this point, my only obstacle in taking next steps was determining our time-zone difference. I wanted to talk to her, take all her classes, and learn everything from her.


And so I did. I can tell you, this was one of the most Significant steps I've taken in my career to date. After completing Sandra's course, and passing my final exam with flying colors, I was ready to put everything I'd learned into action. And I already had clients lined up for it.


I'm honored and proud to say that I was the first in California and the third in the country to have this specific accredited certification.


It was also with Sandra that I learned about permanent toppers. Sandra’s training was spot on and thorough. I learned everything from what makes a person a candidate for either service, to proper application (tension and compression are key!), to required maintenance and upkeep.


Today, I offer over 8 methods for density, volume and length by way of hair extensions options AND crown coverage. The reason I offer so many application options is that no two heads or hair story’s are the same. What works well for one, may not work well and in fact may harm another.


I have, with Sandra, and on my own, taught other stylists about these life changing services. The focus of both my theory and hands-on courses centers on the client, always. After all, any one can learn the HOW, but it’s in knowing the WHY, that we really make a difference. This goes again for both the completed look, AND maintaining the integrity of a clients hair.


As mentioned in the beginning of this article, so many stylists all across the US are learning and providing mesh integration and topper services. Some are even touting that it’s brand new. New to them, yes. But I’m happy to share that it’s in fact been around long enough for us to know all the do’s and Don’ts. And there most certainly are things u must do and things u must not do!


If you’re one who’s reading this and you’re thinking, I keep hearing about these services and I want to learn more! Please do your research too. This is so much more than a luxury service. And just like any other service, you’ll want to find someone truly experienced and genuinely passionate about it.


There is NOTHING and no other service I’d rather offer than one that gives a woman her hair back, safely, beautifully, and as naturally as possible.


If you’re interested in learning more, I invite you to book a consultation with me. And if you’re not in my area, I encourage you to check out my “sister stylist” page here on my site. ♥️

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