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Got Insurance? You may be eligible for Reimbursement!

Did you know that MANY insurance providers will reimburse you 80-100% of your Cranial Prosthesis?! Whoa whoa wait, hold up... I already know what you're thinking! What in the world is a Cranial Prosthesis? So, let me back up...

If your hair loss, no matter the percentage, is a result of a diagnosis and/or treatment of any medical condition, you may find yourself looking for some form of non-surgical hair replacement. Options we know most commonly as Toppers, Wigs, and Mesh Integration Systems, are known as Cranial Prosthesis or Full Coverage Prosthesis in the Medical world.

Much like getting a prescription, your doctor may be able to write a letter explaining your condition and subsequent needs. He/She/They would need to be very specific in detailing the condition, including any mental distress if applicable, and should always clearly note the need for a prosthesis (in other words, don't use the word "wig.")

So, now, you may be wondering; what's the difference between a wig and a cranial prosthesis? There's not always a difference. (Yes that's my short answer)

Here's the thing, a "wig," although available in fully customized options, just sounds, well, cosmetic. A Cranial Prosthesis begs the respect and acknowledgement of a need far greater than a cosmetic choice, or accessory.

Alright so, what next? Well first, talk to your doctor and ask for that letter! And then, after our appointment for your hairpiece, ask ME about an invoice or, receipt, for your service. EASY PEASY!

Final thoughts .... Remember, there are MANY contributing factors when it comes to hair loss. So don't assume you won't be covered. Just ask!

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