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Client over Clout

I get asked about this a lot. What exactly is it, that I mean, when I say Client over Clout?! It’s a pretty simple answer actually. It means that I’m not about name-dropping brands, I’m not after increased reposts, or thirsty folks that only follow when a name is dropped… you get the idea. I’m about the SOLUTION that best fits my clients needs. Plain and simple. Many don’t even know this but, I have my own hair line. I’m not even plugging “my line“ most of the time. It’s just not important. Sometimes, I feel as though we as hairdressers are just pawns in the big corporate game. Why are the brands that rhyme with Yellami, blam, and beamcatchers so popular??? Well first, they have huge marketing budgets and amazing advertising strategists. (Good for them!) And then, they encourage and even incentivize stylists to name-drop their line. Oh and if they can reel in an actual influencer… SCORE! Listen, I’m not hatin. I’m just seeing through all the BS. Yes, …yes I did name drop a lot back in the day. However, the more knowledgeable and experienced I got, I realized there is no ONE line that meets the needs of EVERY single client. Especially when you specialize in mild thinning to significant hair loss, like I do. And, I realized that all the name-dropping really only benefits those corporate lines. Fun Fact: I have NEVER had a client ask to see my certifications, nor has anyone specifically asked if Yellami trained me, etc. My transparency, my integrity, my work ethic, and my RESULTS speak volumes for me. I leave it at that. Have you noticed I’m not going crazy with hashtags and account tags like I used to? One of the reasons I’m obsessed with Non surgical hair loss and hair extensions is that no two are alike. So, while I may have one client with Yellami and another with LAHE, and another with Blam, and so on and so forth, you’ll almost never know who’s who and what’s what. Clout, no doubt, will always be a “thing.” But my clients, past, present and future, will always be my motivation for all that I bring. I choose Client Focus over Corporate Hocus Pocus. Periodttt.

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